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Bread, cheese and cherry tomato salad

Ors bring a proposal for a salad , simple, complete and without much complication so you can see that not everything I do is rare ja, ja. This time it’s a mixture of lettuce, cherry tomatoes to the steam and a few rolls of bread stuffed with cheese, it is a delight.

If it is important what it is seasoned in the table by each diner, this is definitive because if we alinamos it before the bread is moistened and is not “nice” view, in the same sense the lettuce should be well drained, I use the centrifuge, another pot that I bought and not used and since I’ve used do not know live without it leaves lettuce and perfect leaf vegetables, without that excess water damaged the dish.

cheese and cherry tomato salad

Ingredients (serves 4):

-1 loaf of bread
-100 grams of milk
-20 grams of nuts over a few decorating
-300 grams of cheese spread
-50 grams of blue cheese
-50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese
-1 tray of cherry tomatoes
-Varied lettuce leaves
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Balsamic vinegar
-Fresh thyme
-Salt and pepper Continue reading