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Cheese, lemon and apricot jam tart

I return to the cheesecakes.. .since I have lost accounts that I have edited… .hoy is made in my new ERIKA PLUS but can be done in a conventional oven. The good thing about my saucepan is that programs and forget until the time of remove it to emplatarla…

lemon and apricot

The recipe simple to not being able to more:
-4 eggs
-4 tablespoons of sugar
-4 tablespoons of flour (put bizcochona of the mercadona)
-100 g cream cheese
-1 glass of milk
-2 lemon yogurt
-1/2 cup of sunflower oil
-3 tablespoons cornstarch
-2 sachets of vanilla sugar
-a teaspoon of baking powder
-the juice of half a lemon
-that half a lemon rind.
-Coverage: apricot jam. Continue reading

Country Potatoes & Blue Cheese Dip

Country Potatoes & Blue Cheese dip is an American version of roasted potatoes, served with a creamy gorgonzola dip. Is best to use a semi-solid organic potatoes cooking variety, since the shell can be eaten. Preheat the oven to 200 ° and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Scrub potatoes under running water and dry thoroughly on paper towels.


Potatoes lengthwise cut into similar sized pieces, as above to see in the picture, and place in a bowl. The potatoes and sunflower oil and season with pepper, salt and paprika. Country Potatoes spread on a baking sheet and bake on the middle rack for about 40-45 minutes. Stir the blue cheese dip with sour cream, mayonnaise smooth. Creamy gorgonzola cheese cut into small pieces, add and mash lightly with a fork, so that there are still some small pieces of gorgonzola dip in the present. Continue reading

Cheese Fondue

Gruyere cheese (to taste) Grind. The fondue pot (fondue pot) rub with garlic. White wine is warm over medium heat on the stove. The cheese in wine under stirring, at best melt in the form of a figure eight. The cheese should bubble slightly, so the cheese does not burn.

Cheese _Fondue

The cornstarch with the kirsch and stir well to bind the cheese mixture. Season with pepper and nutmeg. Finally, add a little baking soda and mix well. It foams up the cheese. The soda makes sure that the cheese fondue is not so heavy on the stomach and is making it more digestible. The heater (base to keep warm) on the table and put the pot with the cheese fondue to keep warm. Continue reading

Crab Salad and Egg salad with cheese

I prefer to prepare crab salad with fresh shrimps, as they have the most flavor. Crabs on the head and tail touching. Press with a slight twisting motion of the ends of the shell against each other and pull out the tail end. The amount refers to already crabs.


Touch of mayonnaise and freshly squeezed lemon juice a salad dressing. Season with white pepper and salt lightly. Chop fresh dill and stir into the salad dressing. Shrimp stir into the sauce. Crab salad tastes great on fresh bread, wholemeal bread or rich. Sometimes I use for crab salad stuffed tomatoes. Continue reading


Cheese cake with no soil

Cheese cake with no soil can be baked without raisins. This cheese cake without baking the ground remains very juicy. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Soft margarine (room temperature) into a mixing bowl. Add sugar, vanilla sugar and 1 egg and stir in the margarine with the food processor whisk until foamy at the highest level. The speed switch back to low and stir cornstarch or custard powder substitute with margarine. Add lemon peel of organic and gradually stir in 4 eggs. Cottage cheese in a colander and drain well.


Quark tablespoonful as long stir into the egg mixture is stirred until smooth. Do not soak the raisins, but directly mix with the quark mass. A spring form pan (26 cm) Brush a thin layer of margarine and sprinkle with a little semolina or breadcrumbs. The mass for the cheesecake filling into the ground without spring form pan and smooth the surface. The form is represented on a grid and bake about 70 minutes on the middle rack in preheated oven at 180 degrees. The spring form pan after about 40 minutes cover with parchment paper so that the cheese cake with no soil remains light, as seen in the picture above. Preheat the oven after 70 minutes and turn off the oven door open a crack. Continue reading

Red berry compote junket

The Red berry cream junket obtained by an intense vanilla flavor pudding mix. Red berry compote junket can be prepared very well and easy.A medium-sized egg in two separate bowl. Give a heaping tablespoon of sugar to the egg yolks until creamy and with whorls of electric mixer at the highest level.


Cream cheese and 1 / 2 pts cream pudding with vanilla flavor (without cooking – see information below ingredients) Mix on low speed with egg yolk. Add peach juice from the bottle to get a more intense flavor and a more intense yellow color, as seen in the picture above. No peach juice from the can use, because it tastes too sweet and not aromatic enough. Alternatively, you can also use orange juice or multivitamin juice. Die Mix the junket to the conclusion at the highest level about 1 minute. Wash the beaters so that they are fat free and beat the egg whites stiffly at the highest level. Continue reading

Russian Zupfkuchen

Russian Zupfkuchen can prepare very well for several days and remains very juicy. Flour with baking powder, 100g sugar and 1 package vanilla sugar. Add a pinch of salt, cocoa powder and lemon juice. 1 egg and 100 g of well-chilled butter with the flour dough. Pastry to form a smooth ball, wrap in plastic wrap and set at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. 4 Separate the eggs, egg yolk and keep beating the egg whites until stiff. 250 g soft butter 250 g sugar and 2 packages vanilla sugar until fluffy. Stir egg yolks and vanilla pudding mix to the butter. A screen with a clean dish towel or cheesecloth interpret.


Pour cheese layer and twist the cloth over it easily, so that the liquid is slightly compressed from the cheese layer. Russian Zupfkuchen can alternatively be prepared with skimmed curd. Well drained cottage cheese stir in the butter cream. Fold in stiffly beaten egg white to cream. Pastry between two transparent sheets roll out, so that the dough slightly larger than a 24er spring form pan. Occupy the bottom of the spring form pan with pastry and form a small margin. Remaining pastry aside. Continue reading