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The best fruits for weight gain

For those who need to gain weight , add fruits rich in calories is a healthy way to do it, as it also provides much needed vitamins and minerals. Fruits can also be combined with other ingredients in shakes, smoothies, muffins or other recipes to further increase the total calories. Eat more fat varieties and you can reach your goal quickly.

best fruits

Avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables. Have a greater number of calories than any fruit, approximately 400 calories by avocado, with high fat content. They also contain about 20 vitamins. Avocados can be made guacamole and eaten with tortillas to increase your calorie intake even more, or added to salads, a sandwich of bacon, lettuce and tomato, burger or even a pineapple smoothie. Continue reading

Recipes low calorie protein shakes for weight loss

Protein shakes are dietary supplements that provide protein for consumption. Shakes protein are often low in calories and are a healthy alternative to meals or snacks. There are several types of powder protein you can use. The most common is whey protein . The whey protein contains high levels of amino acids and is rapidly absorbed into the body. The protein is soy protein alternative for vegetarians. The protein of egg white is good for those suffering from lactose intolerance. Here are some recipes for low calorie protein shakes you can use.

calorie protein shakes

Protein shake with peanut butter and chocolate
In a blender large , mixing the following ingredients: two tablespoons or 30 grams of powdered protein vanilla, banana medium, 225 ml of soy milk light, a tablespoon of almond mixture, a teaspoon of sugar cane syrup, few drops of vanilla extract and 4-6 cubes of ice. This smoothie does not have any fat and give you an energy boost. Continue reading