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“Baby” broad beans salad with cod and pumpkin chips

Today, a salad, totally Mediterranean, and that comes from the hand of a super chef “JoaquĆ­n Schmidt”, albeit with some slight variations. I think that it will be perfect as an opening up of the menu, one of these holidays that bring us closer. And we are sure that you will delight all lovers of contrasting soft and subtle flavors.

beans salad

-Habitas “Baby” peeled (chef proposes you inhabit them raw, but I put already-packaged in jar glass, but without oil and cooked)
-1 piece of pumpkin (chef suggests artichokes)
-English cod (which already comes ready to eat)
-2 cloves of garlic
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Jam spiced tomato and pepper (or microwave tomato jam) Continue reading