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Mega-Muffins Starbucks bicolor

leave the breakfast or snack, so virtual are not fattening. I come with another not very suitable for operation post-Christmas recipe, why all good thing must be illegal, immoral or fattening?, but well, I also must pamper yourself once in a while right?

When vi the Inma recipe I knew that they had to be rich and I was not wrong, already starbucks chocolate muffins I made long ago and they liked it so much.


I made them in a traditional way because I have not yet a thermomix and at the rate we’re going with “suicides” of appliances and breaks several at home think it’s going to have to wait still enough, if it seems to you that we have looked at a one-eyed man (no offense to anyone), but if you want to see the recipe with thermomix te dejo Inma link, click here. Continue reading