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Eggs mounted for breakfast

The high protein content of the egg makes it an ideal food to eat at breakfast time. It is usually prepared fried, but there are different ways of cooking in a healthier way, one of them is delicious escalfarlos and serve on rolls.

We need:

¤2 rolls comprehensive Arab or 2 muffins.
¤8 strips of bacon or lean bacon.
¤1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice.
¤4 eggs.
¤2 large tomatoes.
¤2 portobello mushrooms or 6.
¤4 tablespoons vegetable broth.
¤Salt and pepper.
¤Chinese chives or onion.

Heat a grill to medium heat and toast the rolls or muffins Arabs for 1 minute. Reserve warm.
We removed the bark of bacon and roast on the grill about 2 minutes per side and place on paper towel.
We put in a pan 2 cm of water and add vinegar or lemon juice when it starts to boil lower the heat, add the eggs and let poach for 5 minutes, until the white fruit set but the yolk liquid follow.

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Scrambled eggs with tomato

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes tastes very juicy and can be served with whole grain bread with a hearty breakfast of toast, for example, as a small snack with fresh bread or dinner. Eggs open into a bowl and whisk with a fork easily.


The scrambled eggs with pepper and salt. Wash tomatoes, dry and cut into quarters. Remove the seeds, so do not be too runny scrambled eggs, and cut the tomatoes into large dice, like to see in the picture above. From a few basil leaves for decoration aside and cut the remaining basil into thin strips. The basil in the mix scrambled eggs. Heat a nonstick pan, corn oil or other neutral oil. Continue reading


Crunchy fresh tastes best prepared. It is much more aromatic than ready-made granola mixes packs. You can prepare the crunchy but also in the evening, let cool completely and pour into a jar with a screw cap. The next morning, shake the jar vigorously once the best, so that the crunchy loosens again. It tastes very good with fresh organic milk, sour milk, yog hurt or Quark. Coarse oatmeal with coconut and sunflower seed mix. Hazelnuts and almonds on a large chopping board and chop coarsely give a sharp kitchen knife. Add chopped nuts to oatmeal mixture to give. Add golden flaxseed and mix well.


The coated cereal mixture into a large skillet, and without adding fat as long dry fry until the nuts begin to smell. While the crunchy stir constantly with a wooden spoon and reduce the temperature in time for the nuts are not so dark quickly. Add raisins, turn off the stove and use the residual heat. Dried apricots into small cubes, as shown in the picture above, cut and mixed with the crunchy. Add honey and stir well with the crunchy. The honey was not above 40 ° are heated so that the valuable nutrients are not destroyed. The muesli with unsweetened vanilla powder (flavor) and some cinnamon spice. Continue reading

Egg in the Hole

Egg in the Hole or Egg in the Basket means something like egg in the hole or egg in the basket and is originally an American breakfast. Egg in the Hole is fried on both sides, so that the egg is slightly drier. So you served on request ketchup, mustard, bacon, or – something unusual for us – to jam. If you like fried eggs may be due to sample Egg in the Hole again. Brush for Egg in the Hole, first toast the slices a little thicker unroasted with softened butter. Gouge out a hole of each slice of toast.


It is best to use a glass or Garnier ring. The hole should be large so that the toast by frying remains bright, and the protein increased rapidly. If the hole is too small, it takes too long to increase the protein and the toast is dark. Preheat a nonstick skillet and place the slices of toast with the coated side down into the pan. The punched-out cover also place butter side down into the pan. Eggs and gently slide into the holes in the slices of toast can be. Temperature switch to medium. Egg in the Hole with a spatula until Carefully turn and briefly fry the other side, when the protein is hammered and solidifies. Continue reading