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Meatloaf easy

Meatloaf is simply baked in a loaf pan and can also cook from beginner cook quickly and easily. Meatloaf is easy with the addition of milk particularly juicy and tastes very good cold on sandwiches or brown bread. Wrapped in aluminum foil, he keeps in the refrigerator for several days and can thus be fresh for parties to prepare very well. Preheat the oven to 225 °. Ground beef in a large bowl filled.

Peel onions, cut into small cubes and ground beef give. Add two medium eggs and milk and the meat with damp hands, knead until the milk is associated with the ground beef. The ground beef with salt and pepper vigorously and as much bread crumbs, knead until the meat is pliable, but still loose. A 25-loaf pan with oil auspinseln around, pour the meat, lightly press it into shape and slide on the middle shelf in the preheated oven. Meatloaf just about 45-50 minutes at 225 ° bake until the crust begins to brown, as seen in the picture above.

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