Sweet coal of Kings…

You win had to prepare this recipe! I discovered it this year, but after the holidays and I copied it and saved as a treasure to make this Christmas, but with time, that the rush are not good.

As we already know, is a typical candy Christmas, dark color and appearance similar to coal. Following the tradition, is given away January 6 children that have not behaved well during the year.

Sweet coal of Kings

I never imagined that it was so easy to prepare! It is a preparation made with water and sugar, although it is essential to have a little patience and a cooking thermometer. The latter has been one of my recent purchases and was still kept waiting their turn, although I must say that it has fulfilled!

The recipe consists of three parts; first prepare a glaze which is then added to a syrup and finally poured everything into a box or pan lined with baking paper.
Let’s do this…

For the glaze (which we will use only 70 gr)
-1 clara
-200 gr of icing sugar
-1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
-Black food color

For the syrup
-700 Gr. of sugar
-230 ml. water

A mold or box deep, approximately 22 x 22 cm and lined with baking paper.

The first thing we will do will be lined box or pan with baking paper, because the preparation should dump here quickly.

In a bowl or as have I done, in a robot with rods, put egg white with lemon and assemble it by adding the powdered sugar gradually until we have a preparation very thick, to lift the rods we drain anything. If we need, we put more icing sugar until the texture, but I do not did I need add more.

Of this glaze, separate 70 Gr. which is the amount that we actually need in the recipe and dyed with food coloring, until it is very black.

In a deep pot, put water and sugar and bring to boil until it reaches 126 °, which can be perfectly controlled with a cooking thermometer.
When the syrup reaches the designated temperature (takes about 5 minutes since it reaches boiling), add the black glaze and stir well. The mixture will begin to upload forming a foam, continue stirring, will return to lower and at the time you are going to rise again, quickly pour in the box or mold to prepare at the beginning.

It will look like that it is going to overwhelm, but no, will remain cold right away and we have already achieved our carbon block, that when it cools completely, we can split to obtain the famous black pieces…

Source: Flagrant delight

It is much more easy to prepare that it can seem to read the recipe.
** If we do not have cooking thermometer, we take into account that the syrup reaches its ‘soft ball point’ to the temperature indicated on this recipe.