Sushi Sandwich

Sushi sandwich is made with fresh salmon fillets. As the salmon fillet is heated only slightly and remains almost raw, you should buy the salmon fillet on top of a fish dealer of their choice and point out that the salmon fillet is eaten raw. Who would rather have the salmon cut into very thin slices makes him the best cut from the fishmonger. But you can alternatively also use smoked salmon slices. Sushi sandwich in a sandwich toaster or can be in contact grill cook, causing the strip, as seen in the picture above. Peel the radish and slice into thin slices. I used a Japanese knife to cut the radishes into thin slices.


Salted radish juice can and pull something. Meanwhile, six large slices of toast or toast sandwich lay side by side on a large board and thinly spread with soft butter. Each of two slices of toast with the buttered side down on each other. Mayonnaise with 1 / 2 to 1 teaspoon wasabi paste and stir the upper halves ungebutterten toast spread with it. Peel the cucumber with a potato peeler and cut into thin slices. Cucumber slices on the wasabi mayonnaise spread. Add sliced ​​salmon on it. I cut the salmon as desired bit thicker. Radish slices over the salmon. The nori seaweed sheets with a knife into three equally sized pieces and place on the radish. Preheat sandwich toaster or contact grill.

The upper half of the sandwich in one hand and gently take place over the lower half so that the buttered sides of each on the outside. This need not be the contact grill grease addition. Sushi sandwich place in the contact grill and close the lid. Sushi Sushi sandwich about 2 minutes in the contact grill heat up more than toast. Take sushi sandwich with a turnspit from contact grill and carefully place them on a board. Per sandwich put four small wooden skewers or toothpicks into the sandwich so that it slips when cutting apart and not cut with a sharp knife into four squares. Sushi sandwich arrange on a plate and serve as finger food.


¤ 60 g Radish
¤ Salt
¤ 6 Toast
¤ 20 g Butter
¤ 1 tbsp Mayonnaise
¤ Wasabi paste
¤ 90 g Cucumber Salad
¤ 2 Salmon
¤ 1 sheet Nori seaweed sheets
¤ 20 g Ginger, pickled

Serves 3 – 469 cal per serving, 20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total