Summer recipes: chicken skewers

We are gates of summer and how could it be otherwise, many different ways we are preparing for their arrival. There are those who began a fitness routine, who renovated his closet with the latest for the season and of course the super cool looking for alternatives to eat and stay healthy.In Beer, Wine, we think offer the best alternatives and for this reason that today we bring you a versatile recipe, super easy and can serve as an appetizer for lunch, just when we begin to feel hungry and resist eat in the heat.


¤Diced pieces of chicken (3 breasts approx.)
¤6 cherry tomatoes or cocktail.
¤1 cup roasted peppers.
¤Juice of half a lemon.
¤Little oil.
¤Jet Cognac.
¤2 cloves of garlic.



To achieve a tasty skewers first thing to do is wash and remove the fat from the chicken. The following should be cut into cubes about 3 cm each in a bowl and reserve.Once you have cut all the ingredients add chicken seasoning: salt and pepper, juice of half a lemon, and cognac oil trickles over chopped garlic.
The next thing is to prepare the skewers alternately inserting pieces of chicken , roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes.Can be prepared on the grill and oven, using thirty minutes in a moderate oven to 180 degrees. A variation of this appetizer that can come in handy for those who like vegetables are artichokes, which can be included as a combination and contrast with the flavors of chicken and seasonings.