Strawberry Crepes

The crepes are a French dessert being made ​​known in our country can be savory or sweet and are easy to do. It is a good choice for breakfast or lunch, if we take it.

The ingredients needed are:

For the dough:
¤125 gr. flour
¤teaspoon salt or to taste
¤2 eggs
¤300 ml of milk
¤2 teaspoons melted butter

For the filling:

¤500 gr. sliced ​​strawberries, preferably in sheets
¤100 gr. sugar
¤2 teaspoons lemon juice
¤3 cups milk
¤2 tablespoons sour cream


We started with the preparation of crepes. With the help of a blender mix eggs, flour, milk and Butter. Then we strain the mixture to avoid lumps and let rest in refrigerator for one hour. After the specified time, heat a skillet, we introduce a trozito butter and we take the mass spreading it across the surface. We have to cook both sides till they are golden brown. This was repeated with the amount of pancakes you want. The filling has a different, cook the berries with sugar, lemon and half a cup of water for 4 minutes. The time is right, because if we had the strawberries lose their flavor. Then we take the custard, diluted in a little milk, heat the left to us and we take.


After the procedure, we take a pancake and we take the strawberry filling in the middle to wrap. Finally we put the crepe for about 5 minutes in the preheated oven. We have the crepe up and we can decorate it with cream whipped cream , sprinkle sugar and put some strawberries on top. The presentation I leave you, and tastes and flavors that are not written by the authors. To enjoy the rich strawberry crepes and if do not like that we can change the fruit of our choice.