Strawberries with cream

Today we are going to take advantage of a full seasonal product, strawberries; now that it has stopped raining are at their best, in terms of quality and price, so it is ideal to use in smoothies, cakes, jams… an endless preparations, to delight us with these delicious fruits. We can also take advantage of and freeze them, and thus can continue to enjoy them, when they are no longer in season, especially for smoothies or coulis. In today’s recipe I used strawberries, they are easier to get that you strawberries, but if you have opportunity to get the recipe with strawberries, the result is spectacular.

Strawberries with cream

-4 people

-800 Gr. of strawberries
-8 tablespoons condensed milk
-8 tablespoons of liquid cream
-the juice of an orange
-dark chocolate chips


We wash the strawberries, dry with kitchen paper, remove the corner and cut into large chunks.

We put a quarter (200 gr.) of the strawberries sliced into the beaker (1); Add condensed milk, the cream, and (2) orange juice and blend, progressive speed 5-7-9, until obtaining a cream (3).

Put a few pieces of strawberries (4) in the bottom of the cups, distributed in four cups cream and put the rest of strawberries over (5); We refrigerate for 30 minutes, minimum.

At the time of serving, we sprinkle each cup with chocolate chips.

Notes: To better appreciate the intense flavor of the strawberries, remove the tops of the fridge a few minutes before serving.