Spring salad with turkey

Spring salad with turkey is an easy low-calorie salad that goes forth from the crowd for dinner for two people or as a small appetizer for four servings. So taste the turkey on the spring salad extra juicy, the steak is fried turkey in pieces. Turkey cutlets with paper towel pat dry. A frying pan with corn oil and heat auspinseln. Turkey cutlets from both sides, sear. The temperature set on medium heat and fry the turkey cutlets in 2-3 minutes finished.

Turkey cutlet with white pepper and salt, cool remove from the pan and let cool. For the salad dressing yogurt, mustard, acacia honey or other liquid honey and white balsamic vinegar, stir and season with pepper and salt. Wash lettuce, tear into bite-sized pieces and dry in salad spinner. Peel shallots and slice thinly. Cherry tomatoes, wash, dry and cut into quarters. Emmental cheese with a vegetable peeler into thin strips remove. Mairubchen peel and peel for decoration with a vegetable peeler some long strips, as previously seen in the picture.


Remaining Mairubchen with the coarse side of a square grate grater. Cut turkey cutlets into thin strips. Spring salad with turkey on serving plates, garnish with the strips Mairubchen and distribute the salad dressing over it.


¤150 g Turkey Schnitzel
¤1 tsp Corn oil
¤White pepper,
¤150 g Yogurt
¤1 tsp Mustard
¤1 tsp Acacia honey
¤1 tsp Balsamic vinegar, white
¤150 g Lettuce
¤2 Shallots
¤50 g Cherry tomatoes
¤50 g Emmental
¤200 g Mairubchen

2 servings – 314 calories per serving ,20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total