Sponge cake 4 in 1

An idea for snack… which seems to you. The proposal is that one time and just 25 minutes more preparation we got an assortment of biscuits.

First prepare the basic sponge cake with:

-4 large eggs
-200 ml of milk (the Nutella glass has this capability and we will then use it to measure the remaining ingredients)
-2 cups of cornstarch
-1 cup of flour
-2 cups of sugar
-1 sachet of yeast royal
-3/4 cups of sunflower oil

Sponge cake

Beat eggs and sugar with rods, they have to turn the volume and take the appearance of a whitish cream.
Add stirring constantly oil, we stay as a mayonnaise.
Add milk and we change the rods by a spatula, we hope that this well integrated.
We sift the flour with the yeast and we are incorporating it into the batter.
Pour the dough in a pan lined with paper or we oil it, I do it in the oven tray that is a little deep and serves me mould, if your pan is too flat to use a mold more or less the same size.

We mentally divide the cake into four parts and put on top of each the flavors that we have chosen… everyone that puts those who want I this time use these.

From left:
Chocolate chips…… cinnamon Apple… nuts and raisins.
Now already we can only put in pre-heated oven at 170 °… 25 minutes.
Control the time your furnace already know that each needs their own.