How to cook a soup bone

The bones add flavor to a soup or broth. The best bones have a little meat, but even those who do not have give good flavor. Use a bone crude purchased the butcher or one you have left over from preparation. For best results, you must cook slowly and a long time, but some of the cooking time you can also use it in cooking other ingredients of the soup.

flavor and color




Remove all visible fat from the bone. You can use as is or grilled to have more flavor and color. bones beef and chicken are particularly good to be grilled. bones of smoked or cooked meat need not be roasted. If you choose to do so, place it in a roasting pan and bring it covered in the oven at 450 º F (232 º C) for about 30 minutes or until golden, turning it over once.

Remove the bones from the oven and drain the fat that has accumulated. Place them in the pot.
Add 1/2 or 1 cup water to the pan and collect any browned bits that have been left at the base. Add them to the soup pot.

Cover the bones with cold water and bring to simmer on medium to high. Let the water boil and then immediately reduce heat so they cook on low heat.

Cooked slowly bone for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour to extract the flavor. bones large to be cooked longer.

Remove the bone from the pot and let it cool to be able to manipulate it. Meanwhile, with a skimmer removes the foam or fat that is left floating in the broth.

Remove all the meat from the bone and pícala. Put it back in the pot. Discard the bones small, but big again placed in the pot to continue giving flavor to the soup. To get a clear soup, strain the broth before using.

Add the remaining ingredients to the soup and cook over low heat. Watch the fluid level and add more water if necessary to keep all the ingredients covered.