Slight sausage salad

Slight sausage salad with chicken sausage is cooked. This low-fat sausage, together with the low-fat yogurt sauce as an alternative to traditional sausage salad that is made with pork sausage meat. Yogurt in a bowl, stir in mustard and season with freshly ground pepper vigorously. Because of mustard is spicy already, you should season to taste with salt sparingly.


If Easy sausage salad is served as a salad, cut the chicken meat into slices and sausage best mixes it with the yogurt sauce. Slight sausage salad can also be used as a topping for bread or whole wheat bread on strong. In that case I would cut the chicken meat into thin strips better then sausage. A mild white onion peel, into very fine cubes and mix into the sausage salad. Mustard pickles Drain well and cut into small cubes.

Fold in the sausage mustard cucumber salad. Chives cut into small rolls. Be easier sausage salad in bowls, like in the picture above to see done, and sprinkled with chives just before serving, or serving it as a topping on bread or whole wheat bread.


¤150 g Yogurt
¤1 tsp Mustard
¤Pepper, salt
¤300 g Poultry meat sausage
¤1 Onion, white
¤150 g Mustard pickles
¤1 tablespoon Chives

Serves 3 304 cal per serving 10 mins Prep 10 mins Total