Sausage Salad

This sausage salad tastes extra hearty when cooked it with Krakauer from the meat counter or from the slaughterhouse. I’ve used a Krakow with cumin, but it’s also where Krakauer without cumin, which tastes too spicy. Packaged Krakauer’s usually too fatty and not as aromatic. The higher the quality the ingredients for this simple sausage salad, the better it tastes. Corn oil in bowl and stir in water and pickles with a whisk.


The marinade with pepper, salt and mustard to taste. Krakauer then peel and cut into thicker slices. Cut the slices into strips, as previously seen in the picture, and add to the marinade. The Gouda are best cut at the cheese counter in a slightly thicker slice, since it can be cut into strips so much the better. The strips for Gouda sausage salad. Half an onion cut up into thin slices and mix with the sausage salad.

Gherkins into cubes and mix into the sausage salad. The longer attracts the sausage salad, the better it tastes. For sausage salad freshly baked beer bread or rustic country bread tastes great, it fit but also pretzels or fresh baguette.


¤ 2 tablespoons Corn oil
¤ 4 tablespoons Pickles water
¤ Freshly ground pepper
¤ Salt
¤ 1 tsp Mustard
¤ 200 g Krakauer
¤ 150 g Gouda
¤ 1 / 2 Spanish onion
¤ 3 Pickles

2 servings – 703 calories per serving, 15 mins Prep – 45 mins Total