Salad of potato, salmon and gulas

What we are going to need

-4 medium-sized potatoes of a fist size more or less
-A tray of gulas
-100 g smoked salmon
-spices to taste (oregano, pepper, Basil and garlic powder)
-Olive oil smooth, vinegar and salt

Salad of potato

We are going to the mess…
First we wash our potatoes and we cook them with skin in abundant cold water with salt, it takes about 20 minutes but to check click them with the tip of a knife, drain them and wait for it to cool a bit to not burn us.
In Bowl prepare spices, vinegar, oil and salt well remove and incorporate the still warm potatoes peeled and cut into chunks.

We remove that potatoes bathing well dressing no matter if they break a bit.

We put them in the source where we will serve the salad and put over the salmon, cut into small pieces

We do the “Gula” putting some garlic chopped with oil in a skillet and when they begin to take color add a few pieces of dried pepper that first minutes so we rehydrated in hot water, throw the gulas and remove everything.

We took them fire and then put them on the potatoes and salmon.

If you want to present it as an appetizer you can put in vessels by placing layers, potatoes, salmon, gulas and garnish with pepper…

It is a salad warm although also it can be prepared from one day to another, then will have to get her a couple of hours before frigo.