Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

Mmmmmmm… a delicious abosolutamente delight… the original recipe presented it us Missis… uffff… a few years ago… then each one the was arranging his own way. Carmina thank you for this wonderful. The recipe, as always here and in my blossssssss

Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia


** 250 ml oil
** 3 cloves of garlic
** Fresh Rosemary
** Salt Maldom

For the dough:

** 100 g water
** 160 gr of flour strength
** 5 g fresh yeast

For the dough:

** 480 gr of flour
** 250 g water
** 50 g of oil
** 10 gr salt
** 20 gr of sugar
** 20 gr of yeast bread


A few hours before making the dough we mash three cloves of garlic and put them in a bowl with oil and some branches of Rosemary. We heat a few minutes over medium heat and let marinate.

When it comes to knead:
Put all the ingredients in the glass of the Thermomix, schedule 10s, Vel 4-5. Form a ball with the dough put it in a bowl of warm water. In ten or fifteen minutes it will float and is ready for use.

Without washing the beaker, add water, sugar and oil, we schedule 1 minute Vel 2 Temp 37 °.
Add yeast and mix 10 seconds more.
Finally add the flour with the salt and set 15 seconds to level 6.
Add the ball of dough that we had in the bowl and with speed stem is amassing three minutes.

We played the mass and check you are to our liking or its point.
If you need a little more flour one tablespoon could be, but it is preferable to not put too. Even should be that it is slightly sticky and not “stuck in flour”.

We sit in the bowl until it doubled the volume.
We put a paper on a baking tray and sprinkle flour.
Remove the Cup and turned on a floured surface.
We amasamos a bit to remove the air and had a tray of oven.
Let stand 15 minutes to lose League, then we are pulling with your hands to occupy almost the entire shelf.
Then fingers in the mass we sink to own tray leaving holes without a warrant. We bathe dough with half of oil marinated with garlic and Rosemary, click over the Rosemary leaves.

We precalentamos the oven to 250 ° C.
We reposamos 40 minutes, sprinkle salt Maldom and put in the oven no more than 15 minutes.
As soon as we learn we irrigate with excess oil and present.