How to roast a ham for a picnic

The pork shoulder has so many names that can sometimes be confusing to consumers or meat cooks. The pork shoulder, also known as pork palette is obtained from the bottom of the shoulder of the pig. If fresh leaves, the court may be called pork roast or fresh pork ham. If you add smoke, smoked ham is done it can be with or without bone. Roast the pork in the oven makes the meat is tender and juicy.



Adjust your grill pan for the pork shoulder is well located once put it. Note that the pork shoulder may extend beyond the level of your pan while the meat is on it.

Preheat oven to 96 degrees Celsius (325 degrees Fahrenheit).

Cut the ham surface at a depth of 0.30 centimeters (0.12 inches), creating intersecting lines to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) away. It must be in the form of a network of connected diamonds.

Rub the Dijon mustard on the surface and add a pinch of brown sugar to form a glaze and to keep the meat tender and juicy.

Place the ham on rack in a roasting pan. The meat should be placed fat side up so that the juices run down while cooking palette.

Cover the pork shoulder with paper aluminum .

Place ham in preheated oven and roast it until it reaches a temperature of 67 degrees Celsius (135 degrees Fahrenheit). You can use a meat thermometer to put inside the ham. This will let you know when meat is ready. Leave at least 30 minutes per kilo.