How to put a flange to a rectangular cake

Nothing makes a wedding, birthday or celebration more memorable than a beautifully decorated cake. Many people believe that decorated cakes must be created by pastry chefs and bakers, but a few simple steps, anyone can transform a cake ordinary into a masterpiece.

cake of pich



Clean the edges of the cake with coverage using a napkin or paper towel to remove excess coverage and so crumbs around the cake. The edges are covered by the lip so that the edges do not have to be perfect.

Hold the sleeve with firmly and press coverage consistently and evenly. Hold sleeve wide opening near the top to avoid having to stop and maneuver the bag to release more coverage as you decorate the cake.
Cover up the stock from the edge of the cake while still pressing evenly.

Lower the bag to the surface to complete the move to up and down and release pressure as you do to reduce the amount of coverage that goes. Dropping coverage ends stopping all pressure from the bag and extending coverage to look like a spiral tail.

Repeat continuously around the edge of the cake, placing each decorated on the “tail” of the previous decor you applied.

Stop at the corners and ends of the final cake decoration fit on the edge of the pie. Turn the cake right angle and start the process again with another edge.

Remove the cover over the tip of a manga as necessary to avoid sloppy or too much coverage decorations on the cake.