Quick beef pan

Quick beef pan is a simple and inexpensive but tasty dish. The fast beef pan is ideal for camping, vacation home or weekend home, because you can keep in stock all the ingredients well and you can quickly prepare a hot meal. Noodles in salted water for about 10 minutes until to the dente.

Peel the onion and cut into cubes. Pour mushrooms Minis in a colander, rinse with water and let drain. Beef in cans with a can opener to open on both sides, remove lid and throw the meat on a chopping board. The layer of fat and take off for frying the onions and mushrooms to use. The jelly for the sauce aside and cut the beef into bite-size cubes, as shown on the image above.


Beef to the onions and mushrooms to the pan and fry. Add the jelly and deglaze with red wine. As already contains spices, the sauce needs to be not seasoned. The sauce simmer and thicken slightly with a dark gravy. Pour pasta into a colander to drain, mix with the fast read and beef pan.


¤200 g Noodles
¤170 g Mushrooms Minis
¤400 g Canned beef
¤1/8 L Red wine
¤2 tsp Gravy

Serves 3 – 671 cal per serving , 20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total