“Baby” broad beans salad with cod and pumpkin chips

Today, a salad, totally Mediterranean, and that comes from the hand of a super chef “Joaquín Schmidt”, albeit with some slight variations. I think that it will be perfect as an opening up of the menu, one of these holidays that bring us closer. And we are sure that you will delight all lovers of contrasting soft and subtle flavors.

beans salad

-Habitas “Baby” peeled (chef proposes you inhabit them raw, but I put already-packaged in jar glass, but without oil and cooked)
-1 piece of pumpkin (chef suggests artichokes)
-English cod (which already comes ready to eat)
-2 cloves of garlic
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Jam spiced tomato and pepper (or microwave tomato jam)

For the tomato and pepper jam
-4 red peppers
-500 g ripe tomatoes
-1 tablespoon cumin powder
-1 tablespoon grated ginger
-½ tablespoon salt
-250 gr of sugar
-100 gr of balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar
-And if you want it with a touch of joy you can add a little red chile or chili pepper.

If you don’t have time, or you wish to not have that flavor to pepper, you can choose the option of the tomato jam to the microwave chef proposes.

Ingredients for 125 gr of jam to the microwave
-250gr of very ripe tomatoes
-50 gr of sugar
-25 g glucose

Development of tomato and pepper jam
Roast the peppers in the oven, and once roasted, remove, cover them with newspaper and allow them to cool. Peel them, remove the seeds and set aside.

Peel the tomatoes and cut them into quarters.

In a saucepan, bring to a boil the peppers alongside tomatoes and remaining ingredients; Once boiled preparation, simmer for 45 minutes more or less.

Pour the jam into sterilised jars, close them and put them face down. Allow to cool completely, preferably 24 hours.

Development of microwave jam
Blanch the tomatoes, refresh them, peel them, coring them and chop them into cubes, add the sugar and glucose and introduce the mixture in the microwave for 10 minutes.

Preparation of the recipe
Make strands as thin possible cod and set aside.

With a machine cut slicer or a pumpkin mandolin, making foils as finely as possible. Fry them in plenty of hot oil, drain and reserve so that drain them on absorbent paper.

Give a blow to the garlic cloves with skin, and Fry lightly in a Nonstick Skillet with olive oil, but without reach burn (only to take the oil flavor) and remove them.

Add you inhabit them and sauté them but do not stir, season them and set aside.

Mounting the Chuck
If you prefer cultural activities by the jam to the microwave, the chef’s suggestion is, first of all, rub the bottom of the dish with a clove garlic.

And if you decide you by mine, delete that step, already that the taste of garlic, already take him beans to Saute them.

Put a little bit of tomato and pepper jam in the bottom of the dish, and follow this order to inhabit them, and cod. Sprinkle with the oil from Saute inhabit them, above and finish with pumpkin chips.