How to sculpt puffed rice snacks

Puffed rice snacks are a great way to make sculptures edible because they are flexible and can maintain her figure. Moreover, they are even more delicious than most fondue of sugar or gum paste. Malvabizco crunchy snacks can be used to create animals, shapes, characters, flowers, symbols and even words. These candies can be covered with a layer of colored edible marzipan or gum paste to completely hide the sweet underneath. You can also use puffed rice snacks to sculpt larger elements for cakes and other confections are having to completely rely on the edible mass.
puffed rice snacks



Empty pot in a relatively high puffed rice mixture while still hot to make a block as wide as possible so that you can easily sculpt. Let the sweet to cool before working with it.

Brainstorming. Figure you go to design completely depends on your imagination and artistic ability. Start with simple shapes and increases complexity while you’re winning experience. The simple shapes like a bear, flowers, trees, humans, or a cat are the best projects to start. However, your sculpture should be part of your project theme. If you have a cake with a nautical theme , or sculpt a mermaid starfish. Keep the image you want to create in the mind throughout the process.
Start sculpting. If you are skilled in carving, use a small knife to make your figure in a single block. Use the warmth of your hands and press to round any area that needs it.

Small molded parts using your hands. If you’re not working or you do not feel comfortable enough to carve the block of puffed rice, molded individual pieces with your hands and join them later. Cover your hands with a light coating of flour or sugar glass and cut the candy into small to work with them and shaping dough portions. Sculpt Sweet pressing and pulling to create any shape, such as a head, body, leg, an arm or a petal. The more compact make sweet (tighten securely) will hold its shape better. Connect the pieces using chopsticks. Walking sticks if you need smaller pieces.

Let the figures dry at least one hour before covering with sweet. Buy or make a candy mass as fondue, gum paste or marzipan. See the References section for recipes. Make small portions of fondue (paste or marzipan) according to the variety of colors you need for your figure. Add a ringtone to each portion using liquid food coloring or powdered.

Covers the sculpture with a thin layer of peanut butter or frosting to cover sticking puffed rice. Without this sweet coat, cover easily fall.

Spread a layer of 1/4 inch and it passes over the sculpture covered with butter or frosting. Use your hands to soften it and press it against the “glue”. Use a small scissors to trim the excess and smooth the edges with your fingers. As the normal process of molding mass, here also you need to use your hands all the time.

Pinta minute details on the cover with a pastry brush (or any brush or brush that has not been used for painting) soaked in food coloring. Let the sculpture dry before putting on the cake or on the tray.