Potatoes stuffed with minced meat

Portions / number of persons:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas
Difficulty: Easy


Potatoes stuffed

Without making it pure:

The whole and peeled potatoes, with a not very big baller, vas hollow leaving them, it should not be that the potato walls are very thin so is romperian to cook them.

Cueces them until you are almost done, eye if they become too is will with ease, NOTE PREOCCUPY if are something hard, then have that complete done. We reserve them.

For the filling, prepares a Bolognese, with more meat than usual for the pasta recipe, so that is not excessively loose, and the fill is more compact.

Preparing the oven at 190 ยบ C, place the potatoes stuffed into a source of oven, cubrelas with bechamel sauce and manchego cheese on top, semi espolvoreale dejalas until they are soft.

Making pure:

Make a puree caring fit compact, let it cool down. Apart in a pan with garlic, FRY one onion without haste, when this pochadita add the meat, to my I like a meat type chaps or Hock, as more juicy, add half cup of white or red wine, let q reduce, you add tomato sauce and sauce worscester, chopped parsley and tabasco to your liking.Let q do.

Cojes puree, do balls, ahuecas them with your fingers and introduces a spoonful of meat moldeas ball with art spend by flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and the fries in hot oil and abundant, can accompany them with a ligerita mayonnaise or tomato sauce or salsa q t like.