potatoes stuffed with d’olot

Portions / number of persons: 4
Preparation time: 60 minutes
Cooking time: 0
Category: Hot and cold entries
Difficulty: Moderate

potatoes stuffed

is is a recipe typical of la garrotxa area volcanicade the province of girona. and have much success can be frozen, before passar by egg or after once fried, in the fridge are 3 days covered with film. I hope you like .

-500GR of pork
-500grams of veal
-1 Onion
-2 tomatoes
-1 brandy snifter
-1 Black wine glass
-1 glass of broth, poultry and vegetables (porro, carrot celery)
-2 potatoes
-Herb aromatiques(laurel_romero,_tomillo)
-1 Cup of b├ęchamel
-1 egg
-abundant oil (best olive)
-salt pepper i

first of all fry meat in a pan until well blonde, after incorporating the onion, cut the black wine and brandy. Quando lo flamed you have add the chicken broth and the grated tomato salpimentar.lo and let it cook for an hour. Then add the herbs i the b├ęchamel (made with arina i onion milk). mezclar.Lo all until blended and passarlo by the mixer. poner.Lo 30 min. in the fridge.

In addition, cut potatoes peeled and sliced 2, 3milimetros i freir.las with plenty of oil, that are still white. retirar.Las i filled by putting meat in the midst of dod potato slices join them i passarlas by beaten egg (or only the clear for a texture more crispy) freirlas with abundant oil drain coon absorbent paper to remove excess oil i present desserts.