As frozen pizza pizza dough

The pizza is always a family favorite meal. Making your own pizza dough can be a hassle, however, buy the pizza dough saves time. You can buy pizza dough in advance and store in the freezer . When you feel desire for pizza, simply remove the mass of freezer and within hours be ready to stretch, cover and bake.

pizza dough


Buy pizza dough on a pizza. Buy more than one if you wish, the mass will remain for up to four months in the freezer.

Short plastic long enough to cover the entire pizza dough. Wrap tightly around the mass. Remove any bubbles to not suffer from freezer burn. Twist the ends of the plastic to seal well.

Place the pizza dough wrapped in plastic bag freezer . Remove the air and close it. Use a permanent marker to label the bag with the contents and date.

Put the bag in the freezer . When you want to use the dough, remove it and let it sit on the counter for a few hours until it is thawed. Stretch it and cover it to your liking.