Pichelsteiner stew

Pichelsteiner stew is made with several different types of meat, and mutton to the court the typical flavor. Alternatively, you can also use lamb. The bone marrow with a sharp knife from the bones of the leg disc detach from cattle. The fine bone fragments with kitchen paper to remove the marrow and cut into slices. The bottom of a soup pot with the marrow slices interpret.


The meat of the leg disc best with a boning knife loosen from the bone. The meat of the leg plate of beef, pork shoulder, veal and mutton meat into bite-size cubes. Peel the celery, onions, roots and potatoes and cut into slices or cubes, as shown on the image above. Savoy cabbage cut best with the slicer into thin slices and finely slice. Cut the vegetables into a large bowl and mix well. The beef slices to fill the marrow into the soup pot, cover with a layer of vegetables and season with pepper, salt and marjoram.

The remaining meat in the order given, alternating with vegetables and spices fill it. Pichelsteiner the stew broth fill, and it tastes very strong with meat broth. A lid on the soup pot and boil vigorously once Pichelsteiner stew. Reduce the temperature and let the stew simmer Pichelsteiner about 1 hour. Finely chop the parsley and sprinkle on just before serving the stew Pichelsteiner.


¤ 200 g Rind Leg disc, beef
¤ 150 g Pork shoulder
¤ 150 g Veal cutlet
¤ 150 g Mutton
¤ 200 g Celery
¤ 200 g Onions
¤ 200 g Root
¤ 200 g Potatoes
¤ 200 g Savoy
¤ Freshly ground pepper
¤ Salt
¤ Marjoram
¤ 3 / 4 L Broth
¤ 1 tbsp Parsley

Serves 3 – 610 cal per serving, 30 mins Prep – 90 mins Total .