Peppers stuffed with cod

How good not blooded Navarra could stop a recipe with peppers. I hope you like it.


-15 whole piquillo peppers
-500 g desalted cod
-1/2 onion
-A few peeled prawns
-Tomato sauce

Peppers stuffed with cod

First boil cod a couple of minutes in water and reserve cooking water. Then drain it and tempered once desmigamos it a little and remove well all the thorns.

On the other hand are finely in a medium frying pan chopped onion. Next add the chopped shrimp and saute. Then add the flaked cod and let to finish doing everything together a few minutes.
Add a teaspoon of flour and leave a minute so it is toast. Then add a bit of milk and broth from cooking the cod until you get a thick padding for the peppers then out. We reserve.

For the sauce, we will make a very light bechamel, using milk and also a little of the cooking water from the Cod. We will add a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce to make color and blend with two or three peppers.

Once tempered the cod mixture we can go filling the peppers one by one. I recommend using a small spoon.
Finally we put the peppers in a pan with the sauce to heat it all together and we can already serve.