Pepper soup

Hot pepper soup from the Niger Delta in Nigeria is usually prepared with the original goat meat, but you can also use mutton, lamb or beef. Since I did not get dried and ground shrimp and crabs, I alternatively used to flavor dashi. Tamarind seeds were replaced with Worcester sauce. Tendons and white skins of sheep meat removed, cut the meat into cubes and place in a soup pot.


Peel onions and chop coarsely and add. In Nigeria, this soup is eaten very hot, so are the white seeds of the chili pepper used. Chili pepper cut into small rings and add to the meat. Not quite cover meat with water, put on a lid and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and let simmer about 30 minutes pepper soup until the meat is tender. Add broth and pepper soup with anise, coriander, cloves, cumin seeds (cumin), ginger, ground fennel, allspice, and Worcestershire sauce (or tamarind seeds) to taste.

Pepper soup on low heat to simmer another 30 minutes. Dashi (or ground dried shrimp and crabs) and add the spice pepper soup with finely chopped mint, pulverized black peppercorns and salt. Chicory cut into thin strips and add. Pepper soup boil again. Pepper soup is enough for 3 servings as a main dish, or as Vorsuppe for 6 servings.


¤ 1 kg Mutton
¤ 2 Onions
¤ 3 Chili pepper
¤ 1 / 4 L Water
¤ 3 / 4 L Broth
¤ 1 / 4 tsp Anise
¤ Coriander
¤ 3 Carnations
¤ Cumin
¤ 10 g Ginger
¤ Fennel, ground
¤ Allspice
¤ Worcestershire sauce
¤ 20 g Dashi
¤ 2 Sprig of mint
¤ 1 tsp Black peppercorns
¤ Salt
¤ 150 g Chicory

Serves 3 – 680 cal per serving, 15 mins Prep – 60 mins Total .