How to make a great opening for a restaurant

How to make a great opening for a restaurant. Spread the word when you’re opening a new restaurant in the city to increase interest and make your customers coming back. With some simple marketing strategies, you will be able to create a big buzz without spending a fortune in promotions.




Write a press release just to send to local newspapers and radio stations to promote the grand opening. He points out the ways in which your restaurant is different from other establishments in the area and outlines some of your specialties to attract customers. You can find an online template in Microsoft.

Distribute flyers to homes and businesses in the neighborhood or around the parking lot of a supermarket near your resort. Includes a sample menu along with a coupon that can be redeemed at the opening by a dessert or a promotional item as a pad for mouse or pen pad printed with the logo of your restaurant. You can order online promotional items in Blueberry Ink.
Invite local celebrities, the mayor and city councilors to attend the inauguration. His appearances can lead to journalists and photographers from local newspapers or newscasts to cover the event, getting additional publicity for your restaurant.

Samples offers distinctive dishes to the people passing by the restaurant, but do not come to dinner. Give to diners who order dinner during the week of the inauguration a discount coupon for a future meal or a drink or free appetizer to encourage repeat business.

Consider providing entertainment during the opening, but make sure it fits the tone or theme of your restaurant, like having a string quartet playing in a luxury and not disturb the other businesses in the area or avoid that clients have a relaxing dining experience.

Focus on the food above all. Although promotions, entertainment and gifts can get new customers in the door, only delicious food, friendly and attentive service and good prices will come back.