This classic onion tart made with shortcrust pastry. Flour in a mixing bowl and distribute cold margarine in small pieces over it. Add salt and the sweet pastry with ice water and quickly knead white wine vinegar. The colder the pastry, the less it sticks. The pastry into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and place about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Peel the onions, halved and cut with a slicer or a sharp chef’s knife into slices.


Cooked ham cut into small strips, as previously seen in the picture. Omit butter in a nonstick pan and fry the onions not too soft. For better compatibility the onions and season with cumin and stir in the cooked ham. Those who do not pay attention to calories must, the onion tart with smoked ham, or can also cook bacon. The onions to cool slightly. Preheat the oven to 200 °.

The pastry onto a floured work surface and put a little bigger than a 24er spring form pan roll. Put the dough in the dish and form a rim. Prick the pastry several times with a fork so it bakes evenly, and pour in the onions. Mix sour cream with eggs and season with salt and pepper. The cast spread over the onions and cook the onion on the middle rack for about 35 minutes. Onion tastes best warm from the oven.


¤ 125 g Flour
¤ 60 g Margarine
¤ 1 / 4 tsp Salt
¤ 2 tablespoons Iced water
¤ 1 tsp White wine vinegar
¤ 400 g Spanish onion
¤ 80 g cooked ham
¤ 20 g Butter
¤ Caraway
¤ 100 g Creme, fresh
¤ 2 Eggs
¤ Pepper, salt

Serves 3 – 579 cal per serving, 30 mins Prep – 60 mins Total