Noodles with shrimp and sauce shells

The noodles are not only cheap and delicious, but saviors. Surely more than one occasion has used them to get out of trouble and make a delicious dish on your table.If you did not have time to cook and you’re tired of the classic spaghetti bolognese or pesto, today I’ll give you two recipes that will help you much if you’re the people you love seafood.


¤100 grams of butter.
¤1 kg of noodles.
¤1 cup white sauce.
¤1 cup mayonnaise.
¤¼ tomato sauce.
¤1 Tbsp. chopped parsley.
¤Salt, pepper.
¤2 cups peeled shrimp.



A super quick and easy preparation for which only need to heat the room, adding butter, mayonnaise, white sauce, tomatoes and peeled shrimp course that will give an amazing taste to the preparation.In a separate pot noodles are boiled and served with salsa, drained right after. Shells Pasta Sauce to Orange: Another original recipe for you and your family during the summer, in which large and small are encouraged to sample the delights of the sea and their combinations. For this preparation is needed:


¤Thick noodle type noodle fettuccine .
¤3 tbsp. butter.
¤3 tbsp. flour.
¤3 cups orange juice.
¤Salt, pepper
¤5 dozen shells.
¤½ cup. Parmesan cheese.
¤1 cup. of cream.



Fry the butter, hot pepper liquid, add the flour all at once, keep moving to not make lumps, add slowly the freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with warm water, when creamy take the rest of the juice, add the shells thoroughly washed off with fire because after going to the oven and finish cooking, add salt, pepper, a little cheese. In a pan put a layer of noodles and a sauce, another noodles and a sauce, cover with Parmesan cheese and bake in oven to broil.