Noodle 3 delights


¤1 handful of rice noodles
¤1 red pepper
¤Fresh mushrooms
¤1 chicken breast
¤Soy sauce
¤Garlic (2 cloves)
¤Olive oil
¤Powdered ginger
¤Curry powder
¤1 cup chicken broth

Noodle Recipe

How to cook noodles to the wok is quick to prepare all the ingredients it before and we placed in small containers or on the cutting board, ready to add to wok. With this recipe are almost like Chinese.


The rice noodle paste them in a saucepan with cold water to soften. The chicken chop it and let it marinate with soy sauce in a bowl. The pepper and onion into strips. The mushrooms and garlic in foil (the garlic very thin). We booked a near empty bowl of the wok. We in the wok a good splash of olive oil with peppers. Stir-fry over high heat a little and then add the onion. Note: Vegetables should not soften at all. We took fire at the plate the peppers and onions, leaving the oil in the wok.

With the same oil (just need to add something) fry the chicken in cornstarch batter with mushrooms and garlic. When the chicken begins to brown, add the noodles (without water) and continue to fry a bit. Before sticking, add the chicken broth and continue stirring (you can remove with chopsticks). When the water is almost consumed (consumed quickly) add the vegetables we had reserved from the beginning and especiamos with a little ginger, curry and soy sauce to taste.