Nigiri sushi with salmon

Nigiri sushi with salmon cooked with smoked salmon. Nigiri means something like press, because the sushi rice is pressed together by hand to oblong rice ball, how to see in the picture above. Sushi rice in a colander and rinse fill under running water until water runs clear. Sushi rice in a small saucepan and cover with water fill. Add salt and sugar, put on a lid and cook the sushi rice.


The temperature switch back to low level, the sushi rice and stir once again replace the lid. Sushi rice swell in about 20-25 minutes and not open the lid, so not too much liquid evaporates. For faster cooling, the sushi rice on a flat plate to distribute. Rice vinegar is best mix with the rice with a fork. Smoked salmon cut into 6 strips lightly slant of approximately 5 x 3 cm in length. To assess the sharpness of the wasabi better, you should try a tiny amount in advance.

The salmon strips, each with a maximum of wasabi pea-sized piece of once-rich thin. Wash hands with water or rice vinegar moisten and form of the sushi rice 6 oblong rice ball. Each Nigiri sushi with salmon occupy, the side should lie with the wasabi on the rice. As side dishes fit pickled ginger, small bowl with soy sauce and wasabi paste to Eindippen for seasoning.


¤ 125 g Sushi Rice
¤ 1 / 4 L Water
¤ 1 / 2 tsp Salt
¤ 1 / 2 tsp Sugar
¤ 2 tablespoons Rice vinegar
¤ 100 g Smoked salmon
¤ Wasabi paste

Serves 3 – 206 cal per serving, 20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total