My Orange yogurt

De girl I always liked Orange yogurt, I don’t know why such as wine was, I no longer returned never again, and it looks they get rare flavors of yogurt eh, but, nothing that I do not see any brand are encouraged.

Searching the internet options I’ve seen have not convinced me too, one had cooked Orange, another orange zest,…, that no, that was not none to my liking. So I thought I would put Orange jelly that give flavor and not chopped zest, as he now had a very very mild flavor as it occurred to me putting a sachet of ready instant orange (Tang) which in my childhood was invariable companion of meals for the weekend, my mother prepared us a huge jar, aysss, what memories.

My Orange yogurt

The test did not come as expected so I tried another idea to see the jars of essences that sold the other day at Lidl, came from Orange!, and can already see, neither short nor lazy I got to try this new idea to see what came out.

I’ve used the technique of the pressure cooker, since I still Yogurt Maker je je, and this has been the result: a very mild neranja, creamy flavor yogurt and a delicious syrup that was the point that was missing, are not perhaps the best thing that I can get but are very good.


Ingredients (8 yoghurts approx. depends on the size of the cups):

-1 liter of fresh whole milk
-2 teaspoons of sweetener
-1 boat of essence of Orange, (1 teaspoon)
-1 natural yoghurt without sugar
-2 or 3 drops of coloring, better if it is orange, this according to the intensity of the color that you like paste

For the syrup

-2 medium oranges, juice them
-8 tablespoons of sugar
-2 drops of Orange food color paste


To give you more consistency add 3 tablespoons of powdered milk, filtered.
Instead of sweetener use condensed milk (3 tablespoons)


Previously, sterilize jars you are going to use by putting in a pan covered with water and their lids, bring to the boil for 15 minutes, carefully remove and let dry without touching them too.

1) In a saucepan pour the milk and yogurt, leave to cook until the fifty-third, for this we need a cooking thermometer, I use one of roasts that cost me 8 euros. When it reaches temperature, remove from heat. Book.

(2) Add the sweetener, or condensed milk, essence of Orange, milk powder and coloring, mix well.

(3) Pour into cups or elected boats.

(4) Put in the cooker express 1 litre of water, without cover, heated in the fire until it boils.

(2) Drain the water from the pot. Put the jars carefully in the empty pan, cover the pot express and leave 10 hours. It is not necessary to put the quilt around the pot, if it is very hot in your kitchen. My advice is that you do it at night before bed I and you have them ready first thing in the morning.

(3) Remove the express cooker.

Prepare the syrup:

1) Put the juice of 2 oranges, BREW, in a small pan, add the sugar and bring to a boil until sugar dissolves, constantly moving so much foam not forming, keep moving until the mixture takes the consistency of a syrup. thick. Remove from heat, let cool slightly, pour the dye and mix well.

(2) Put one or two teaspoons of syrup on each yogurt, cover them with its lid and put in the refrigerator a few hours before consuming them, I hope that you liked.