Mini tuna burgers

I love cooking in small format! Today’s recipe is easy to do, eat and remain precious in the table.These mini tuna with crispy onion burgers are going to fall in love and I am sure that they will become an essential recipe to Peck for the evenings of football with friends, or to share with family.


-400 g of chopped fresh tuna
-50 g of dried onion
-1 tablespoon curry powder
-1 egg

Mini tuna burgers

-Mini hamburger buns
-Cherry tomatoes
-Sweet mustard
-1 bag of varied lettuce
-Olive oil


The first thing we will do is to very thin knife chop the tuna (if we make it in a food processor, destrozaremos fish).

Season and add a little curry and egg.

Mix with hands until ingredients are linked.

We give shape to our burgers of a size commensurate with the rolls that we have purchased.

Once ready, assemble in the following manner:

Cut rolls in half and heat them in a frying pan without any fat. We rub mustard at the base, over a hamburger, sliced cherry tomatoes and lettuce outbreaks.

Finally we put dehydrated onions that will give us the crunchy touch.

Click with a few sticks to eat more comfortably.

Serve to taste.