Invited to my menu of Halloween

These are the things that I have prepared for this night of Halloween, I not want to not tell hour that I’ve been in the kitchen all afternoon and today all day yesterday, I hope that the year that already comes with practice better out me these little things, I hope you like and if you like, serve you and happy HALLOWEEN!!!!!!


ibaroni cream

These cupcakes are ibaroni cream, recipe I put down, then we just have to cover them with Nutella, sprinkle cookie type oreo (only the black part) that we have crushed (I in thermomix), the feet are pieces of regali and eye colors beads:
-350, flour
-Sugar 250
-250 sunflower
-100 cream
-1 packet of yeast royal
-250 grams of eggs (4 +)-
-Zest of 1 lemon (or 2 teaspoons of lemon essence is purchased in Auchan, carrefour etc. in the pastry section where the yeast)

Put the throttle blades and pour the eggs and sugar. Schedule 7 minutes at 40 ° C (parala Th21) (thirty-seventh for the 31 Th) speed 3.
When this, add lemon zest or essence and remove temperature and beat another 6 minutes, speed 3.
Add remaining ingredients less flour and yeast and set 3 minutes speed 2.
Remove the butterfly
Add flour and yeast mix with a spatula before giving the 5 sgs to vel 6, and then, after this, then remove with a spatula. Let stand 10 min. in the glass While we precalentamos oven.
Place in paper mold, fill 3/4 of its capacity.
Preheat oven to 230 ° and when cupcakes are put down to 210 ° (be aware so they do not burn and put them in the second grid starting at the bottom with ventilardor or heat down only)


The eyes are the same mass of cupcakes (with a mass os da eye and spiders) made in small pudding, to me went me 24 large and 24 small.
We cover them with melted white chocolate in the microwave oven, 1 tablet, 1 minute.
Put a drop of red dye in the Center and with a tooth stick we will draw the veins, the black Center is a pipe cover chocolate (we can put anything sweet black and will serve us, or half cherry green, also work well).


The mummies are very easy to cut a sheet of puff pastry into strips 1 cm., width of approximately, wrap sausages as best we can, he hammered 2 cloves to simulate eyes and horneamos at 200 ° for about 20 minutes, until the pastry is cooked and golden.


The clouds do not have any science, white clouds (in my case are the American week lidl) and red dye for eyes and mouth, click on a spike of small skewer and put in a plastic cup that I put at the bottom a cupcake of which I left over to keep right.


Assemble 4 egg whites with a pinch of salt, when the meringue is mounted to make peaks, add 1 spoon of red dye and mezclamo tip until it has a pink tone. We put the meringue in manga pastry and on the oven tray where we put the baking paper, we are making circles, the wider base and the top closer, ending in a tip.
We horneamos at 100 ° for 1 hour and then climbed it to 150 until meringues are cooked. The eyes and mouth them draw with red dye and blue.


We make a puree as usual we have normally, that us is rather especito, I put the peeled and sliced potatoes in the fussion, Parti 1 cups of water, salt and programmed menu potatoes, when finished, escurrí potatoes and added them a splash of olive oil and with a fork crushed until they had the consistency of applesauce I needed.

Put it in a sleeve pastry with big curly mouthpiece and let’s put puree in a little cardboard Cup (there are in the bargains), finished top in peak. The eyes are two balls of chocolate that brings “vahine” boat which are three shades of chocolate balls, but we can put anything that simulate two eyes. Prepared them in advance and when it comes to remove them I gave them a blow of microwave so that they were templaditos.


For these fingers need a sheet of puff pastry, Strawberry Jam and a few almonds grudas and peeled.
We extend the puff pastry sheet and cut rectangles of size you want fingers, we put a little bit of jam in the Center, we close a part and to give the shape of the finger ahead, place almond simulating a and when they are all made fingers, horneamos at 200 ° for about 20 minutes, until the pastry is featureWe then present it with a little chocolate syrup or Strawberry Jam for the part where are assumed that the fingers are cut to make the effect of blood;