Potatoes and meat cake

Portions / number of people: 8
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Category: Meat
Difficulty: Easy

Potatoes and meat cake

Another our classic.

This recipe is Alicia Berger, and as all the of she, has its seal.
I do not put pine nuts and Bacon; raisins just for those who like, therefore do in different moulds
I copy the recipe so do you and enjoy it

Potatoes and meat cake

For 8 portions

-1 1/2 kg of potatoes

-120 g of butter

-150 cm 3 milk

-Salt, white pepper, nutmeg

-1 egg

-6 tablespoons grated cheese

-1 Onion

-2 green onions

-150 g of smoked bacon

-1 kg of minced meat

-8 tablespoons oil

-200 cm 3 bird broth

-1 teaspoon red pepper

-50 g of olives black

-50 g of olives Green

-50 g pine nuts

-75 (g) raisins


1 Peel the potatoes and cook steamed.
2 Stepping on them with a prensapapa when they are well hot. Add the milk and 80 g of melted butter. Beat well, Add seasonings and mix. Book.
3 Chop the 2 qualities of onion and cut the bacon in cubes. Saute them in a large pan. When desgrasa a bit, add the remaining butter and oil and saute the onions.
4. Add the minced meat. While cooking will adding the broth of hot bird, within which the paprika has faded. Descarozar and chop the olives.
5 Wash and moisturize the raisins in warm water. Add these 3 side dishes to meat, along with the pine nuts. Season to taste.

Armed with the cake:
Place half of the puree in the bottom of a source for oven. Above, the meat and finish with the other half of the puree. Match the surface with the help of a spatula, brush with egg, sprinkle with abundant shredded cheese and Gratin. Photography is the cake of potato single that made my youngest daughter.