How to make popcorn in a bowl in the microwave

Whether you like salty, sweet, dry, or butter, popcorn corn can be a tasty snack. Do them in the microwave is an easy and efficient to make perfectly your favorite flavor of popcorn without burning, but it is important to use the right equipment.



Use a bowl specifically prepared to pop corn in the microwave . These come in various sizes, choose the one that is the correct size for the portions you want to prepare.

Measure the recommended amount of grains, which should be specified in the package of the bowl to microwave , and place in it. Add any seasoning or flavoring, such as salt or oil, if you like, although not strictly necessary. You can add them once the popcorn corn are made ​​but if you add them before you ensure a more even distribution.

Place the lid on a bowl and enter it in the microwave . Follow package directions for cooking time and heat level you must place the microwave . If you are unsure, start cooking your popcorn corn at high temperature and listen carefully you have 2 to 3 seconds until they start to explode.

Pour your popcorn corn in a serving bowl or just leave them in the bowl of microwave . If you have not done so already, add some seasoning for flavor.