A rich liquor for parties that lie ahead

I put the recipe for the liqueur coffee which is very easy and helps digestion…

Coffee liqueur

There is not a single recipe for its preparation, all have in common the brandy, sugar and coffee, but in every house is done in a proper way and add your special touch.

A rich liquor for parties that lie ahead

This is my recipe:

-½ litre of brandy
-150 cc. water
-150 Gr. of coffee (decaffeinated put)
-½ ounce of pure chocolate
-The skin of average lemon
-125 cc. water
-300 Gr. of sugar
-10 almonds unroasted

With the 150 cc. water and coffee grounds make a strong coffee, strain it with a sleeve of coffee and let cool.
On the other hand we make a syrup with the 125 cc. water and sugar, also left to cool.
In an airtight glass jar we put all the ingredients, brandy, coffee, syrup, lemon peel, chocolate and almonds. Stir well, cover it and leave it so for ten days.
When they have passed we filtered it with a strainer and a gauze pad and bottle in the container that want it to retain.
The podemos consume cold in shot or in a glass at room temperature liqueur.