Meatballs in sauce of lemon and cinnamon

This recipe is originally from my great-grandmother Francisca, which I did not know but his legacy in the kitchen. They have already passed several generations by keeping the original recipe as she made it there at the end of the 19th century.

Meatballs in sauce

This dish prepared it custom-made in wedding parties and as entertainment personalities who visited the town, Valverde de JĂșcar (Cuenca) and surroundings.

Meatballs ingredients:
-400 g of mixed minced meat (beef and pork)
-70 gr of grated bread
-2 eggs
-chopped parsley
-Olive oil (for frying)

Sauce ingredients:
-4 or 5 medium potatoes
-1 egg
-1 lemon
-cinnamon powder

Preparation of the meatballs.
In a bowl add all the ingredients for the meatballs, mix well and let rest a few minutes. With the help of a spoon we’ll taking portions of dough and we go rounding with hands, doing half as well with all the mass size balls.

In a pan with plenty of olive oil fry the meatballs and set aside.

Prepare sauce:
Peel the potatoes and cut them off “rotas” (into pieces and breaking the end) so are tacos.
FRY in abundant olive oil and set aside.

We put fire to a casserole and add meatballs, potato chips and cover with water, when it comes to a boil add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, lemon juice, and one half of the drained lemon (to make the pulp and rind den aroma). Let boil on medium about 15 min heat (until potato is soft, without RID), salt to taste and remove from heat.

Then with a large spoon, we took in a medium bowl Cup of broth from the pot, to which we add a whole egg and beat. We added above to the stew, we move a little, let stand 3 minutes and ready to serve.