How to make pizza on the stove

Almost everyone loves pizza. It’s fantastic for when a group of kids together, or may be a perfect family meal. Making your own home can save a lot of money, especially if the pizza is a food that is often eaten by your family. It will be necessary to turn oven in summer, try this recipe for making your own pizza with a heavy frying pan and burner. The pizza oven is delicious.

How to make pizza

Frozen bread dough Pizza sauce Shredded mozzarella cheese Parmesan Cheese Full list.


Prepare the dough according to instructions . Take about 1/3 cup pasta, and forms a ball.

Stretch the dough into a circle that will fit your pan. Keep a margin of an inch around the mold. This step is best done with a roller.

Heat the skillet over medium heat. When hot, add a tablespoon of oil, tilting the pan so the oil is distributed evenly, and add the pasta to the pan. Cover the pan.

Let it cook until it begins to brown. Using a spatula, give back .

Quickly add the sauce and toppings, add cheese to the top.

Cover the pan again, and cook until cheese is melted.

Remove the skillet; matching cheese and cook another minute.

Slice and serve the hungry crowd!