How to make grilled sausages

How to make grilled sausages. One of the great American pastimes is to participate in the barbecue in the backyard. The dishes range from dogs hot, the chickens and steak. No matter what you cook, you can have a great time. Often cooked sausages on the barbecue and are often a special guest for those done in the garden. To roast the sausages perfect , keep in mind these tips.
Level of difficulty:Easy

grilled sausages



Clean the grill surface. Nothing ruins a good meal persistent taste other food that was cooked earlier.

Heat grill to high heat to burn the waste or the flavors that remain. Spray the grill surface with cooking oil to prevent food from sticking to the surface.
Lower the heat to medium to allow slow cooking so you can flip them before burning. Should achieve a uniform color to the roast. As they are cooked sausages, oil and grease may leak, which can stoke the fire and burned.

Enter a quick read thermometer along the sausage, from one end to the other, and continue cooking until the temperature reaches 160 ° F (71 ° C). At this point it is safe to eat the sausage.

Serve grilled sausages and leaves a high heat for five minutes to clean the surface, then turn it off.