How to cook rice Arabic

If the family is tired of rice and white and we do not know to accompany our meals, I give a suggestion: rice Arabic. This is a good option to change the menu simple and super rich. For people who like the combination of salty and sweet will love this.

This rice is very easy to prepare and we need the following ingredients (base 2 people):
¤2 cups uncooked rice
¤2 cups water
¤1 cup molasses (same cup water)
¤200 gr. vermicelli noodle
¤100 gr. raisins (brown, blonde or both)
¤100 gr. chopped pecans (optional)
¤1 teaspoon crushed garlic
¤salt and pepper to taste


The procedure is simple is very similar to white rice. First we break the noodles into pieces and in a hot pan with a few drops of oil, roast until they are dark brown. We removed the pan and put a pot with oil to brown the garlic, then we take water and coke.Add two cups of rice and noodles , also previously washed raisins and pecans if desired cut. Do not forget salt and pepper hecharle but without the rich flavor will we seek. When rice and has consistency and has absorbed all the liquid turned out the kitchen.

The rice is already cooked and can decorate it as you want, such as a sprig of parsley on top is a nice touch. Maybe garnish with pecans or raisins at the edges is also a good idea. It always depends on each one giving the presentation you want. Hopefully this will serve to renew Garrison menu at home. I’m sure your family will like the change and asked to have more news in the letter during the week. I almost forgot to give you some suggestions to accompany him, Arabic rice goes well with chicken, red meat or turkey. There are no limits.