How to cook paella

The paella is a dish of Spain which bears the main base cooked rice. Its origins come from the province of Valencia, where it was initially made ​​in a large skillet with handles which is popularly began calling “paella”. Thus, little by little they were adding other ingredients such as meat, sausage or the seafood of the region. The paella is so popular that is always present in any restaurant in the world that embodies Spanish food.


cook paella




Instructions for preparation



The paella pan is bigger, longer it takes to prepare.

With a knife log rabbit and chicken. Remove skin and season to your liking and then put it in a paella pan with olive oil to brown the meat. When you see that is already toast, move it to the ends leaving the center of the pan empty so you can put the other ingredients.



Saffron is what will give the characteristic color of paella rice.

Wash and grate the tomatoes to place them in the center of the pan. Add now the jugs or what you’ve found your replacement if you are not in your supermarket log jug two by tomatoes. Put the water in the pan along with salt and saffron. Let it all cook for at least 25 minutes.




You can replace the pan for a pan.

When you have spent time cooking, try the broth that has been formed to ensure that this right in salt and saffron. If so, add the rice to cook for about 20 minutes. Halfway through cooking the rice, add some rosemary and continue cooking. Once the rice is done, let everything rest for about 10 minutes before bringing to the table the pan.