How do I mix a smoothie?

Whether you are looking for a nutritious meal or healthy snack after exercise , the shakes are one of the best options to get the fruit and vegetables that your body needs daily. You also get nutrients in milk, juice or yogurt mixed with what agricultural products. Choose fruits and vegetables based on your preference and nutritional benefits, like fruits high in fiber or vegetables that contain vitamin C. If you have a blender, make a smoothie is a simple way to maintain a healthy diet.

mix a smoothie

1 cup liquid (milk or juice) 1 cup vegetable fruit I A sweetener to taste Crushed ice (optional)Full list


Pour one to two cups of liquid in the blender. Cow’s milk is usually used in smoothies, but you can use soy milk, almond or other milk alternative. Fruit juices, such as orange, apple and grape are also commonly used. If you want a thicker shake, add half a cup of yogurt.

Add a cup of fruit or vegetables. You can add to the blender small fruits, such as berries, no need to cut them. You must short the larger fruits, such as strawberries and bananas the size of a bite. You can also add chopped vegetables, such as spinach, steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

Add a optional sweetener. Sugar, honey, nectar or artificial sweeteners are generally added to fruit smoothies to sweeten. Other options include protein powder vanilla or chocolate, which add the benefits of proteins.

Add 1/2 cup crushed ice. This is most commonly used with the shakes with juice instead of those with milk.

Place the lid on the blender and blend the mixture at a rate high for 45 seconds .

Stop the blender and stir, if necessary to remove the pieces of fruit or ice stuck in the road.

Continue blending until the mixture is completely liquid and homogeneous. VĂ©rtela into a glass and serve.