Recipe for homemade cake with apples and walnuts

Portions / number of persons: 10
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

This is the preferred cake of mami, and as he is throwing me a hand now that I have my cranky foot I’ve made this snack. Although it does not need to help me to have a detail with her from time to time.

Recipe for homemade

Cup of yogurt can serve as a measure to the ingredients.

-200Gr. sugar (two cups of yogurt)
-100ml. olive oil Virgin (a cup of yogurt)
-170 Gr. flour (3 cups of yogurt)
-1lemon yogurt (I almost always use a white yogurt and lemon scrape)
-1envelope of yeast powder
-A pinch of salt
-One or two apples (optional, but it will no longer be my cake, nor be so good!!)
-A few walnuts (optional, idem)
-A little butter to grease the Pan

We can make the dough with the Thermomix in the Blender jar or a hand rods. And of course, we need a mold with hole in Center, for the simple reason that is a sponge that grows much, and if he had no hole, to make it through the Centre will burn up on the sides.

First we are going to mix the eggs with the sugar, until it is fully integrated. Add oil and yogurt (and in his case the scrape of skin of lemon), and mix well.

Add flour, salt and yeast, and mix until the dough is evenly distributed (isn’t difficult).

Peel and chop the Apple girl, we can leave one half to laminate it and decorate the surface of the cake (as pictured). We mix the pieces of Apple with the dough but without the blender with a spatula or spoon.

We drizzle mould butter and sprinkle with flour (to avoid sticking), I on the base echo a few chopped walnuts, then it is a surprise for the palate.

We decorate the surface with Apple, I try to cover the entire surface, so baking is the cake does not climb blades of Apple.

We bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees between 30 and 40 minutes, when met the 30 minute punctured with a knife and ready if it comes out clean, but leave it for a few minutes.

Nutritional information: The truth is that it is one of my specialties, I’ve been doing it for years and has come the time to share one of the best kept secrets that are so good? why there is no sponge cake equal home?, by the Virgin olive oil, as you’re reading it.