Hazelnut chocolates

In my house it is tradition to take advantage these days to decorate the House with Christmas themes, place the tree… and start with the preparation of Christmas sweets. Last year I prepared nevaditos, doughnuts from, vanilla, , horns crispy chocolate nougat wine famous trunk of Christmas and the twisted roll of Kings.

Hazelnut chocolates

This year I’m going to open this Christmas section with a few chocolates of hazelnut has nothing to envy them the authentic and well-known. In my house they have already dubbed them as Ferrero Raquel, ja, ja, and it is that you can not get an idea of how good that are and how easy that are done, come on, already them can have all the year!


-100 gr of chocolate Crunchy muesli (I used the landowner).
-150 gr of milk chocolate.
-150 gr of hazelnuts roasted without skin.
-hazelnuts whole into the interior of the Bonbon.


Pour the chocolate into the glass broken into pieces and grind it 10 seconds to progressive speed 5-7-9.

Programmed 5 minutes, serving temperature 37 °, speed 2. Add the hazelnuts and chocolate muesli and grind 8 seconds at speed 5 for grind it up a little.

Leave to cool the dough like 20 minutes and we began to form the balls, introducing a hazelnut inside, leave it to harden.

Careful because you can not eat just one!