Salad of green beans and tuna

-Jewish green 150 gr
-125 Gr tomato
-You prawns, 50 g
-Tuna, 1 can
-30 Gr onions
-Cta 1, 5 g almonds
-Oil 1 cta 5 gr
-Modena vinegar
-Maldon salt
-Sesame, cta 1, 2 g
-Rosemary flowers

Salad of green beans and tuna

Simple, it is a salad!

First of all [i.e., in finite strips] French cut green beans and cook them to the dente [between 7 and 10 minutes]. Separately, Cook the prawns. Let cool down two things. It is already difficult.

Now Peel and despepitamos tomato and cut the meat into cubes. We keep the pulp, which bide us tomorrow morning a tostadita oil and up the skins can be used so that it does not rust the artichokes or apples, if we need them, instead of lemon juice or parsley.

It is not nonsense to do this, the peel and remove the pips to the tomato, meat has a taste infinitely softer than the pulp.

Okay, we have… green beans and cooked shrimp and tomatoes into cubes. Peel and cut into julienne the onion and we are preparing tuna. The dressing is missing.

We put a frying pan to fire medium without any oil and sauté the almonds, then Sesame and when slightly toasted whole, prepare in the same Pan [outside of the fire, but still hot] vinaigrette picking up the rest of the nuts. I.e., that we add the oil, vinegar and salt on the contents of the skillet, mix well and only lack assemble salad as we like, and dress it.